Though our work in Madhya Pradesh started a couple of years back when we did some workshops on constitution with some CSO partners, some real impact and long term partnerships got established only recently. Jan Sahas, a CSO, played a vital role in bringing together a group of 11 CSOs working in various parts of MP to form a cohort of  22 people. These people work in some of the most challenging situations, on issues like  education, child labour, health etc. in tribal and remote areas of MP. The first TOT with this group was a 3 days workshop in Bhopal in July after which they were to take up projects in teams and work on that for 2 months. This is a very different setup and first cohort with CSO partners. All of them understand the practical aspects of civic action and work on issue day in day out, but they lack the conceptual understanding of what exists and how things work. This aspect made it a bit more difficult as compared to our experience with teachers.

This is a group of very inspiring young people who are already doing wonderful work to bring about positive change in communities. We believe that if they can understand the framework of constitution and start using in their work, the impact can be multi-fold.