Our engagement with SCERT Haryana started with a Citizen Café which was highly appreciated. Some key stakeholders believed that an association with us will have large impact on the schools in Haryana. As a pilot, they asked us to do Citizenship Programme with the 40 schools in Gurgaon district. The most challenging part of this association was to get the project started since the approval took a very long time. We had to work within the constraints of government setup.

The plan was to train 80 teachers but a final 49 made it. These are teachers who work in very difficult circumstances with limited infrastructure. It was quite challenging to keep them motivated about additional project work that they will have to take up as part of this programme. But after the 3 days TOT they were able to see value in this new methodology and were excited to share it with their students.

We are hoping to be able to bring significant impact in communities through civic projects in these schools and inspire young students to be active and responsible citizens.