Below is the list of all the donations we have received and also the revenue generated from our programmes with various CSO partners. (All numbers in INR)

Institutional Donors INR 13,24,943
Individual Donors INR 7,28,500
Programme Fees INR 8,71,459
Total INR 29,24,902

And below are the details of the expenses we incurred throughout the year:

Salaries INR 13,87,733
Operations/ Programme INR 5,16,814
Administration INR 1,24,305
Total INR 20,28,852

We would like to take a moment to thank all all of our donors without whom this progress would have been rather difficult for us at We, The People.

Individual Donors Institutional Donors
Dipesh Shroff TATA Trusts
Vipul Jain Wipro Fellowships
Manas Fuloria Excel Crop Care Limited
Manju Jain TATA Motors
Yogesh Andalay Ulhas Trust
Arvind Krishnaswamy
Hrishikesh Salvekar
Deepa Jain
Pravin Gandhi
Vinita Singh
Hardeep Singh

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