Below is the list of all the donations we have received and also the training fees generated from our programmes.

Institutional Donors INR 11,33,400
Individual Donors INR 3,04,000
Training Prog. Fees INR 13,89,300
Total INR 28,26,700

And below are the details of the expenses we incurred throughout the year:

Salaries INR 16,25,572
Operations/ Programme INR 2,53,059
Administration INR 1,17,982
Total INR 19, 96,613

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our donors without whom this progress would not have been possible.

Individual Donors Institutional Donors In-Kind Donors
Dipesh Shroff TATA Motors The Heritage School
Vipul Jain Wipro Foundation Nisha & Bhupender Singh
Bhakti Bhave Indian School of Development Management Priyadarshan Sahasrabuddhe
Hardeep Singh Sushmita Sen, Ruchika Sethi
Manoj Papisetty