We, The People conducted the first of its kind Inter-School Constitution Day Quiz Competition with the students of six prominent schools of Delhi/NCR as the participants. The student participated with a lot of enthusiasm and were very well prepared. The Keynote address was delivered by Mr. Yogender Yadav who was spoke about three key aspects of the Indian Constitution as a symbol of Indian modernity which are typically ‘Made in India’. Democracy- A concept that was thought to be only understood by the upper strata and the well-educated members of the society, until India demonstrated that it could work for the poor and the non-literate too. Diversity- Our country has an ocean of diverse culture, languages and practices which co-exist together. We are 67 years old and have build ourselves from zero to where we stand today shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the most powerful countries in the world. Development- The Indian Constitution has been formed keeping in mind the last person who should also be benefited from the policies.