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Insights from around the world have shown that democracies are deepened and sustained through an informed, active and responsible citizenry. This is a singular condition. This means that the development of responsible citizenship is a critical building block for our nation. It will enhance not only the capability of citizens but also improve governance through people’s participation. This is the focus of our work at We, the People. In partnership with institutions, we build capacities of young citizens in understanding and putting to action their role as citizens, constantly using the lens of the Constitution.

Institutional Partners
Trainers Trained
Active Citizens
Civic Action Projects
Constitution Connect

Constitution Connect is our outreach campaign on awareness about the Constitution. We facilitate multiple events across the country on topics like the Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Duties.

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Citizenship Education Programme

The Citizenship Education Programme (CEP) is a capacity building programme that helps citizens understand constitutional values, rights and responsibilities, governance framework along with a strong focus on individual and community based action.

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Impact stories

Village women filed online complaint and got hand-pumps repaired!

July 23, 2018

The government school of Polapathar village in Betul, MP, had toilets for students and 3 hand-pumps but no water. As...

Kids self-help to get drinking water school

August 20, 2017

Where: The Scheduled Caste Residential Ashram school, Mohida, Block Shahada, Dist. Nandurbar What:  Scarcity of drinking water The Scheduled Caste...

Together these students got street dogs vaccinated

August 20, 2017

Where: Students of R.G. Palande Ashram school, Mukhai, Block. Shirur, Dist. Pune What:  Vaccination of street dogs in village Impact:...

Students use RTE to get a boundary wall for their school

August 20, 2017

Where: Mahatma Phule Madhyamik Ashramschool, Katgun Block, Khatav, Dist. Satara What: Building a wall compound around the school Students of...


"Earlier we were very scared of going to any government officer for complaint but after working on this project we have the confidence to go and speak to anyone and explain our problems"


Class 11th student, GSSS Ghamroj (Alipur 760)

"We understood how to use the concepts we study in classroom to solve real issues. Using the knowledge of our Fundamental Rights and Law we were able to convince our Sarpanch to install RO in our school. This success has given us a lot of confidence and we will not stop here. Whenever we see an issue in our village we will try to resolve"


Class 11th Student, GSSS Bhondsi

“The team at We, The People has helped teachers like me to understand and apply the principles of the constitution in our daily lives. I now truly realize why our Constitution is a ‘living document’. The project initiated as a part of this programme, instilled confidence and awareness. I learnt that if civic issues affect us, it is our duty to raise voice and act through proper channels. This is what we are guiding our students for; to make a small change at their level and spread the message around.”

Sanchita Kundu

Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon

“It’s been a year of not just new learning, but almost like awakening of our conscience! The entire program was structured wonderfully. Initial response from students could easily be related to our very own attitude, “What Can I Do?” But with the help of carefully worked out roadmap from this programme, I have been able to bring desirable change in this notion. It has convincingly changed our approach and outlook towards civic concerns, thus making our Constitution a living document in true sense! It’s been a great association and we hope to carry the initiative to classrooms to enable our youth to become responsive and responsible citizens of tomorrow!”

Medha Scott

Sanskriti School, Delhi